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02-681 Warsaw
6 Wyścigowa Avenue
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Kępa Potocka Apartments


KARMAR S.A. will build in Warsaw "Kępa Potocka Apartments" having the floor area of 9 028 m2.

A 13-storey apartment building, whose investor is the City Investments Sp. z o.o., will be built in the immediate neighbourhood of the beautiful Kępa Potocka park in the Żoliborz district of Warsaw. It will be a high standard construction with spacious apartments and a view of the surrounding park greenery, the Vistula River, the Old Żoliborz district and the panorama of the Warsaw Centre.

In order to provide its residents the highest level of comfort a number of sophisticated solutions have been applied, both of technological and ergonomic character. The modern design of the façade, made of fine materials, is to guarantee an elegant and attractive look for the years to come.

The Investor's objective is to provide all the residents a very high standard of habitation by using additional elements of furnishings such as air-conditioning, access control, videophones, cable TV and computer network. The majority of the apartments will have loggias, winter gardens or impressive terraces, including terraces with extensive greenery (so called green roofs with carefully selected plants).

The generally accessible interior spaces have been designed very carefully and with great care for detail. The floors of the elevator halls and corridors will be covered with natural stone and the walls with veneer panels. Also the greenery surrounding the building and the elements of small architecture have been designed in a very interesting manner. The whole garden composition is to provide attractive perception of its surroundings all year round. The vicinity of the building comprises a park, a bicycle lane, a horse riding club, a swimming pool and the Bielański Grove.

The development of the Project, which began in December 2007 and will be completed at the beginning of July 2009, is supervised by Mr. Krzysztof Przedlacki.